What is Heartland Hub?

Heartland Hub is a premier online events and information Website serving six counties. Our coverage area includes the Missouri counties of Ste. Genevieve, Perry, Bollinger, Cape Girardeau and Scott. We also cover Randolph County in Illinois.

At Heartland Hub we cover news, area events, business information, job postings and much more. We are a funnel for all pertinent information in the Heartland.

There are over 200,000 individuals in our targeted area and our goal is to inform and integrate them all.

So what do we have to offer you as a business?

We are offering advertising that not only has the potential to reach 200,000 people but is less expensive and more effective than all other types of advertising. For example:

  • A billboard on I-55 between Sikeston and Ste. Genevieve puts a business in front of 57,000 people a day for only 4 seconds. It costs roughly $1,500 monthly for this service plus there is an average initial design and production cost of $1,000. Heartland HUB has the potential to reach over 200,000 people a day for $208 a month. The average person spends a minimum of 58 seconds on a website.
  • Local television commercials cost an estimated $750 for each 30-second spot. For 48 advertising spots a year, it would cost a business $36,000.
  • The local radio stations estimated ad rate is $106 for each 30-second spot. For 48 advertising spots a year, it would cost a business $5,088.
  • A quarter page newspaper ad in color costs around $400 for each edition it is printed in. It runs one time and reaches only people who subscribe to the publication. For 48 advertising spots a year, it would cost a business $19,200.

With Heartland Hub you get 4 advertorials a month (48/year) with corresponding posts on Facebook and Twitter, unlimited access to the regional job board, events calendar and business directory at no additional charge when purchasing the All Inclusive Program for a total of only $208/month ($2,600/year). The job board has a search engine to break down the search by career field, county & company. The events calendar has the ability to add the event to the visitors personal google calendar and has the option to link back to the site for ticket purchasing if applicable, and will have 3 different options for viewing. The business directory will have a search engine to search by category or county.

Not only is Heartland Hub less expensive but we are more effective. Through the use of advertorials, material in an online publication which resembles the publication’s editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser’s product, we are 65% more likely to engage your targeted audience and cause them to react according to a 2016 study conducted by Harvard University. Each advertorial has clickable links back to your website or Facebook creating a funnel increasing traffic to the business website or social media page. All advertorials are custom built by Heartland Hub and can include multiple visual aspects including pictures, slideshows and video content.

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